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World Diabetes Day


I know that gaving a chronic illness such as diabetes can cause low mood and low motivation (sometimes known as burnout)

But, using non medical support such as a psychological therapist can benefit you.

One of things Pre-Meta looks at is health related challenges and how to improve the way you cope with them.

Message me for details.


Anti-bullying Week

According to the Department of Education, the prevelance of bullying in young people is increasing and is the biggest cause of mental health distress and lack of engagement in school.

I was bullied in school for appearing different. Nerdy and quiet. It really affected me and has left me with some troubling memories but I overcame the negative thoughts that came from this by developing healthy coping strategies.
But Pre-Meta can help empower you to regain confidence which will improve your school or college performance.

If this relates to you please share or drop a message.


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